McD Sprinklers - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Sprinkler Systems and Lawn Light Installation near Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

When you find yourself in need of a professional company to provide you with a new sprinkler system that will exceed your expectations. When you are looking for a reliable company to help you with your new irrigation installation or landscape lighting, choose the professionals at McD Sprinklers.

After opening our business in Jupiter, Florida, we expanded to areas like Palm Beach Garden to extend our helping hand. We offer professional services that are beyond our competitor's abilities, at even better prices!

Many are unaware of the precision and time that is put into designing a sprinkler system. Besides measuring and obtaining the materials, we also must make sure that the irrigation system is pressurized correctly.

Your new sprinkler system will be adjusted according to gallons per minute and pressure per inch, to ensure the system is fine-tuned to the design of your lawn. Rest assured each of our licensed contractors will provide you with outstanding results.

When you choose McD Sprinklers as your preferred business for irrigation installations you will be subject to many benefits like our incredible sensor sprinklers. This irrigation system will detect rain and the wind; the sprinklers will shut down immediately, and turn back on once the rain stops.

Not only will you be conserving water, but saving money on your utility bill from unnecessary water use! Avoid over saturation which may lead to soil erosion and killing your grass or gardens; we also have a great selection of traditional sprinkler systems!

When you are looking for experts to provide you with new landscape lighting, we can provide you with help for that too. Enhance the mood and atmosphere of your lawn or patio with our outdoor lighting installations.

With up to 5-year warranties on some of our best new lighting brands, we ensure outstanding results. Call us today at (561) 325-7461 to schedule your free estimate and receive the best new irrigation systems on the market!

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