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Exterior Lighting and Irrigation Systems near Tequesta, Florida

Are you currently living in the Tequesta area and looking for a professional to install your new outdoor lighting or irrigation system? At McD Sprinklers we are happy to provide you with outstanding results.

After years of experience in the Jupiter, Florida area, we have expanded to areas like Tequesta to lend our helping hand. With incredible products and the most knowledgeable team of contractors, we are the team for the job.

As your leading providers of sprinkler services in the area, we are guaranteed to provide you with amazing results. Each of our licensed contractors is knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped with the best products and tools on the market.

When you’re looking for a team to install your new irrigation system, we have the best options for you. With a new sensor sprinkler, we can guarantee you will receive the most efficient results.

Many customers seek our services because we have the best new sensor sprinklers. With this automated system your irrigation will shut off at any sign of precipitation; once the water stops your system will resume as normal.

Some of the great benefits of our sensor sprinklers are water conservation and saving money on your water bill! Oversaturating your lawn can also cause soil erosion, and may even lead to killing your lawn and garden.

Other services that we offer include landscape lighting for your home. Increase the appearance and atmosphere of your outdoor patio or garden with our brilliant LED light.

Whether you are looking for our bulbs that have a 5-year warranty, or our transformers and light fixtures with an expectancy of up to 10-years! We have all of the best options for your patio and gardens, using the best lighting that is energy efficient and brighter!

Rest assured when you are in need of a reliable company to provide you with a new irrigation system; we are the team for the job. Call us today at (561) 325-7461 to schedule your free estimate and get your new sprinkler system right away!

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